Wages are basically the money that you get in return for your work.
Do you know what you should be paid? Before you start your job, there are a few things you should find out:
Are you covered by the state or national system?
Are you covered by an award or agreement?

Rates of pay

Your basic rate of pay can change depending on things like your age, job classification, what pay scale you’re covered by and your award or workplace agreement.You may also be entitled to other allowances or loadings (this means extra pay), depending on what you do, eg. if you’re a casual, you get what’s called a casual loading of usually between 20 – 25%, because you are not entitled to sick or annual leave.


If you have a job, you must get a pay slip. You should get your pay slip within 1 day of getting your pay.

For heaps more info on wages and work conditions check out this great website: